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Helping busy service providers

with done-for-you bookkeeping.

Like watching the sun set over the ocean after a long day,

getting your bookkeeping handled by a professional will help you go from exhausted and stressed-out to calm and at peace. With accurate monthly books, you will be able to grow your business to whatever heights you dream of and get that time back to spend with your family!

I help you eliminate financial confusion, reduce the time you spend reconciling your books, and feel prepped for tax season by doing your bookkeeping for you. Get ready to say goodbye to the dread you feel just thinking about doing this task!

Let your worries wash away knowing your finances are taken care of for you. Schedule a free call to learn more!

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An Act of Self Care

I use my expertise and bookkeeping services to help busy service providers - like you! - reclaim your time and gain financial clarity on the numbers side of your biz. At Peach Sky Bookkeeping, we view it as an act of self care, not only for your business, but (more importantly) for you - and you matter too!

As a busy mom of two young kids, a wife, and fellow entrepreneur, I truly understand what you’re going through. It’s a chaotic, messy, busy, juggling act that feels like the to-do list is a mile long, but the time is so short. The last thing you want to do or think about after a full day is sitting down to organize your expenses or figure out if you made any profit this month. You can’t do it ALL - and you shouldn’t have to!  I am here to help and support you in your business journey by taking this task off your plate.

Let me handle the number side of your biz (it’s kind of my thing) so you can focus on what you do best and get back to how you want to be spending your time: scaling your business, being present to enjoy each day with your family, and - dare I even say it - doing something for yourself?!

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My Services

You’ve decided to ditch the Excel file and get a cloud-based bookkeeping program… Yay! But what’s next? In this package, I set up and streamline your books so you can start tracking your business finances the right (and more accurate!) way.

If you also sign on for monthly bookkeeping, you will get access to my discounted rate for QBO or Xero subscription.

Business Account Setup in QBO or Xero

price dependent on project & scope of work

You have an existing accounting software file through QBO or Xero, but you’ve fallen behind and need to get caught up on the current or previous years in order to file your taxes. That’s where I come in - to help you get your books back on track and organized for tax season. I love a good cleanup… the messier the better!

Catch-Up & Clean-Up for Existing QBO or Xero Accounts

price dependent on project & scope of work

After a busy week of client work, posting on social media, managing your business, and fitting in family time, the last thing on your mind is inputting transactions from the week (if you can even remember what happened yesterday!). You’re a BOSS with a growing, thriving business and you have better things to do than worry about bookkeeping! My monthly bookkeeping is the perfect way to have your finances handled by a pro while getting to take something off your never-ending to-do list! That’s a win-win in my book.

Contact me to inquire about add-ons: access to me, frequency or type of reports, and 1099 filings.

Monthly Done-for-You Bookkeeping

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I live in Redondo Beach, CA with my husband and our two beautiful children (a 5-year-old daughter and almost 2-year-old son). We're just minutes from the ocean - the perfect place to raise our little family!

I have been a bookkeeper for seven years, working primarily with service providers, professionals in the entertainment industry, and a CPA firm. I have managed both personal and professional books - from accounts payable and depositing income to daily cash management and bank reconciliations for the entire firm. No matter how big, small, or complicated the books, I’m the go-to person to get things straightened out and heading in the right direction!

Hey! I'm Cara

Mama of two little ones, lover of sunsets, & bookkeeper for busy entrepreneurs

I didn’t see it in my future, but here I am! I truly enjoy it and find that my attention to detail, hardworking and trustworthy attitude, and ability to find solutions really help me excel at this job. There is something very satisfying about knowing the answer is always “figureoutable” (yes, I just created that word), and if you keep digging and uncovering, you can figure out the missing piece.

Before I became a bookkeeper, I was a college counselor for academic advising. I got my Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Masters in Counseling and Guidance, and worked at one of the top universities in California before realizing the culture of a large university wasn't for me. After leaving that job, I thought really hard about not just what occupation I wanted to pursue, but what kind of work culture I wanted to be a part of. I realized I liked the smaller, close-knit family feel of working at a small business, which is how I ended up at the CPA firm - and eventually starting my own bookkeeping business!

If you had told me at 18-years-old that I would be working in accounting, I never would have believed you.


my days are spent with my kiddos - either at the beach or park, watching Moana for the thousandth time that day/month/year, and then at the end of the day, if we are lucky (and not too tired), I get a date night with my husband.

I am also a lover of snacks (give me chips and dip any day!), iced green tea lemonade with matcha powder, and desserts.

When I'm not working...

If you're building a bookkeeping business like mine, I have a couple of fantastic programs for you to check out! I personally did both of them and couldn't say enough great things about them!

Affiliate Programs

"Become a Bookkeeper”

“Life By The Books”

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Thanks for stopping by! Fill out this form to see how I can help you get control of your finances.

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